Tesco is the UK's largest supermarket chain and the Global Hypermarket is their largest format of store. It has a 'pile it high', mentality usually seen in hypermarkets in Europe. This format was to be rolled out globally, and the signage needed to be understood universally, so an iconographic route was chosen. Store ceilings were up to 40 high which gave the opportunity for the signage to be oversized, but to stop the signs dominanting in the space, they were screened onto a mesh material that allowed see through. This store was nominated for best retail space in the Retail Interiors Awards.


Tesco has several store formats, ranging from small convenience stores to large hypermarkets. To ensure brand consistency, all signage had to be designed so it could fit into all stores. This was usually achieved through simple uses of colour and text. For the Ready Meals category, the use of appetite appeal photography offered an instant cue for the customer. The final compositions were designed to allow multiple crops to fit all the existing category signage frameworks


Tesco Price News was an 8 page promotional paper that came out every two weeks. After defining the overall look, feel and tone of the paper, these were literally designed on the fly. Production time on these was crucial. On a Monday morning we would recive a shopping list of the next set of promotions. Within 60 hours the artwork needed to be at the printers. we had to have all the products ordered, delivered, photographed, cropped, and dropped into the page designs. Legal had to approve and check prices and copy before it could be released to the printers. By the Thursday morning this was in stores and being mailed nationwide.