Let's face it, you want your brand to be a race car. Sleek, powerful, precise, engineered. Well, your competitors do too. Everyone is in the mix to make their brand the winner. So, just like in motor racing, in order for your brand to continually perform well it needs to be looked after by specialized mechanics and engineers (that's us) who know exactly how to diagnose and fix problems. We harness every ounce of horsepower your brand has to give. Is it time to give your brand a tune-up and get back in the race?

“(They are) Talented professionals who really understand how to build a solid brand and extend it across all channels, with a deep understanding of responsive design, information architecture and best practices in user experience.”

Barry Brooks, Creative Director, NetPlus


So if the car is your overall brand, the engine that powers it is built from your brand assets. They need to function together in order for it to work properly to keep moving you forward at top speed. Sometimes, it’s going to need service. And there-in lies the essence of BrandTuning™. We strip away the gunk and the grime, clean everything, replace parts that aren't working properly, and reassemble, to get your brand working properly again.

(They) developed the entire visual brand strategy for rebranding my former company, (and now my present company). Over the years, applying and honing their design skills across many categories, globally impacting brands, bottom lines and lives. They are a rare talent who can expertly create holistic brand experiences that span touchpoints.”

Demetrius Romanos, VP Global Design, Targus


Our Tune Up process is fueled by distinct 3 phases that begins with a full diagnostic. We work with your internal team to identify areas that need attention. We then map your brand and address where some of the disconnects and inefficiencies are occurring. We propose a course of creative realignment that will harness the power of your brand and unify the elements in a way that strengthens them as a family. We then provide you with the tools to implement the streamlined vision across your organization.

“(They) helped us with a project for a client we were on the verge of losing, due to them getting fresh approaches by using outside sources other than our agency, and they completely blew the client's mind with the creative, along with the strategic approaches presented. We are now perceived at by our client as the partner they cannot live without.”

Jared Levin, VP Account Management, Marketing & Communications


We all know that a well-oiled machine works better than one bogged down with grime and grease. And here's the benefit: A tune up will cost considerably less, and be considerably less risky than a full rebrand, which will require focus groups, re-education, retraining, a launch strategy… it goes on and on. And costs a fortune. With BrandTuning, the rough edges are smoothed out, the fuzzy parts are brought into focus and everything is cleaner and runs better. Best of all, it’ll still feel like your brand – just brighter and more vibrant. All you have to do is put your foot down and drive.

“A Brand is not a product or a promise or a feeling. It's the sum of all the experiences you have with a company.”

Amir Kassaei


So far, so good, but what about the fine print? BrandTuning™ is a 1-on-1 consulting engagement. You are not hiring a studio of designers. You are hiring a heavyweight creative strategist who will be an extension of, and help guide, your own team for the duration of the project. The BrandTuning™ process has been developed to be intensive and this means that we only accept 1 engagement at a time. A 10 week, 1- on-1 consultative engagement starts at $30,000 and upwards. Contact us to book your slot.