OuterWhere is a new apparel company that we at Limepickle have a 1/3 stake in. As well as doing all the apparel design, we were responsible for all the branding, print and versioning that was necessary to build a brand from the ground up in under 10 weeks. We launched in March 2013. This is our mission statement :

"It's that trail, that vista, or just that campfire that captures an unexplainable feeling of awe and inspiration. It's those feelings that gave us the inspiration to create OuterWhere. We are people, just like you, that have an appreciation of nature and outdoor spaces. Our goals are threefold: Firstly, to share the appreciation of the wild places in nature in what we make. Secondly, sustainability, to have as least an impact as we can on our planet by using as many organic / low impact / no impact or recycled sources as we can in the creation of our products. Lastly, we feel very strongly about growing our local communities and because of that ideal all of our garments are grown and sewn in the United States. www.outerwhere.com