How do you make the little guys look as good as the big guys? Through good design of course. Jempson's is a family owned supermarket on the south cost of England. It has been operating since 1935 and has had three generations of Jempson at the helm. With loyal customers of over 50 years, 'traditional' is a word that is never far from their lips. In 2002, the original store was knocked down, redesigned and rebuilt to enable them to better compete in an increasingly competitive field. A new comprehensive brand identity programme was introduced (based on the grandfather's signature) along with a modernisation of the original colour pallete. Sub-brands were created and an overall signage strategy implemented. Traditional signage methods such as chalk and blackboards were re-introduced. Since its opening, the store has won several retail awards and there are plans to open more stores in the near future.

Design Firm: Rawls & Co./Limepickle
Client: Jempson's
Year: 2002-2006
Location: UK