Gran Caffè L'Aquila Mercato

Gran Caffè L'Aquila have been a client for nigh on a decade and there's been a lot of work gone into their retail facing products over the years, whether it be coffee blends, or Italian drinkware, or apparel. When Covid-19 hit and the hospitalitiy industry was all but closed down, this client had a single location in the Rittenhouse district of Philadelphia, which as you can imagine was a huge financial burden when there are no customers. So, they decided to transition to a physical and virtual market place model until restrictions were lifted and we could all go on living our lives as we were used to. As a result there needed to be new product labels, shelf tickets, packaging, safety shipping stickers, packing tape among other things to bring this project to fruition on a relatively small budget. keeping the design simple and on brand, with just a little hint of visual categorization through imagery that we had never used before on their projects, this helped them achieve their goal along with helping design curated boxes of product for the holiday season.