Conversion of consideration into commitment, and then into loyalty and advocacy, is not an easy thing to do, but it's what elevates the best brands from the rest. Each touchpoint is a stepping stone on a journey between user and brand, all contributing to a larger narrative. If you can connect all these dots, then you truly have the essence of something powerful.


We the people: the users, the consumers and the customers. We have needs, wants, and desires, and we need to be satiated. In a world where the next big thing is telling us it will make us whole, there are only small windows of opportunity to connect at a deeper level. These days everyone is so brand savvy that cutting through all the noise and pollution can be a complex and delicate matter.


Branding is one of the terms within the design industry that gets misused the most, being confused with identity design. A brand is the sum of experiences a person has with an organization, product or service. It's not just a logo or a badge. It runs deeper and should permeate all levels of your organization or business. It's cultural, philosophical, organizational and, like it or not, it has a perception. The trick is how to manage that perception with integrity.


Location, location, location. Not always in the traditional sense. Every brand needs a forum, a lyceum, a place to exist, a place to sell. It can be a physical space, or it can be a virtual space. The places where users and customers connect with brands is an ever changing world, with ever changing requirements. Technology now more than ever plays a huge part in how we engage with our favorite brands. Don't get left behind.


The methodologies of urban and spatial planning are not that different from the techniques used in UX and UI design. It's simply a matter of scale. Whether you require urban branding or a wayfinding strategy for a campus, city, or public space, we have deep experience in taxonomy and organization to provide effective and successful solutions that are sympathetic to the architecture and/or landscape.


We have a pretty robust set of principles and processes that we apply to the majority of our projects. We treat every job with equal levels of importance. You can read about who we are here, and more about our approach and methodology here. The point is that you are in safe hands. We like to be as transparent as we can about our process. There's no big secret.

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To be a truly effective branding firm, you need to be able to understand all the touchpoints and how customers interact and engage with them on a daily basis. Over the last 22 years we've worked in most areas across the board and have the experience to deliver a truly great brand experience for your customers at every level. But harnessing brand magnetism and converting customer engagement into brand loyalty and advocacy is an ever changing playing field with new touchpoints evolving by the year. Understanding, and keeping up with, the effect these changes have will be pivotal with you maintaining your place in the market. Below are some key areas where we have expertise and can help.